Community Group Resources

Here are some helpful links and resources for Group Leaders!

  • Ice breaker questions

    Ice Breaker Questions can be a great way to start your time together and ease people into talking and getting to know each other! Here are some sites with a creative question suggestions:

    • The Only List of Ice Breaker Questions You'll Ever Need

    Team Building Updated List of Ice Breaker Questions - 2021

  • guided discussion questions

    A few years back the Refuge Elders compiled a simple list of questions that help guide discussion through any study of scripture. These questions keep the discussion focused on what God says through His word (not on what we feel or think) and how we apply it to our lives. You can use these to guide your talk time! Here are the questions:

    To start:
    Read the scripture aloud. Maybe have several people read it in different translations. If you are discussing a sermon, it can also help to give a brief recap of the sermon.

    Then discuss, using the following questions:
    1. What jumped out or stood out to you during the sermon or from the verses we just read?

    2. From these verses, what do we learn about God?

    3. From these verses, what do we learn about ourselves?

    4. How do we respond to what we have just read?

  • Study Ideas

    Most groups spend their discussion time talking through the previous Sunday's sermon. But others have enjoyed discussing a book or topical study! Here are some ideas:

    The Truth Project - A series of 13 video lessons that deeply discuss why we believe what we believe and why it's so important to our lives. The Refuge has a copy of the DVDs. Email Daniel Frederick to borrow!

    The Alpha Series - Downloadable material centered around creating conversations about faith. Great for new believers or those curious about following Jesus.

    Topical Studies or Studies of a Book of the Bible - The Gospel Coalition has a large library of downloadable studies that walk through books of the Bible or specific topics. They are broken up into weekly scripture readings and guided questions.

    • Books: There's been a variety of book studies that groups have enjoyed! To get some ideas, or feedback about a book you'd like to do a study on, email one of the elders.