What is Filipus?

Filipus, founded by Kurtuluş Church in Ankara, Turkey in 2003, is a missional discipleship community that trains Turkish Christians for ministry in Central Asia.

Filipus is a 12-month intensive discipleship training program that exists to see a missions movement born out of the Turkish church, one that reaches into the surrounding countries, Central Asia, and beyond. 

What do they do and why does The Refuge care?

Filipus has five different elements. 

Kurtuluş Church: Filipus students are full members of Kurtuluş Church, learning to serve, submit to leadership, exercise their gifts and live missionally all in the context of a church community.  

Coffee Haus: Filipus students receive training and work at Coffee Haus, producing high-quality, freshly-roasted, gourmet coffee. Upon graduation, every student is certified as a barista, an

important step in attaining sustainable employment in Turkey. 

Ankara Refugee Ministry (ARM): More than 50,000 refugees have flooded into Ankara from the nearby Syrian and Iraqi crises. Filipus, together with Kurtuluş Church, serves nearly 6,000 families in their weekly distribution program. 

Soup Day: One afternoon a week, Filipus serves soup as a service to their neighborhood. It provides a unique environment where spiritual discussion and good questions are frequent.  

AŞTİ Outreach: One evening a week, Filipus students cook up enough food to fill 200 meals to the homeless at Ankara’s main bus station. 

The Refuge Church is excited to deepen its partnership with Kurtuluş Church and Filipus because of the following truths: 

Passion for the Unreached: The Refuge Church and Kurtuluş Church are committed to the expansion of the Gospel among unreached places; to places and people that the Gospel has yet to penetrate. 

Passion for the Vulernable: The Refuge Church and Kurtuluş Church are committed to caring

for, loving, and serving the poorest of the poor. 

Passion for the Centrality of the Local Church: The Refuge Church and Kurtuluş Church are committed to the expansion of the Gospel through the local church.  

Passion for Excellent Coffee: The Refuge Church and Kurtuluş Church are committed to being economic blessings in our local communities, serving directlytraded, freshly-roasted coffee and providing a platform for giving vulnerable people job skills.


The Ignite Team exists to cultivate a passion for making disciples at The Refuge Church.  They do that primarily through helping organize "Ignite Sundays", prayer walks, and coordinating logistics for annual global Hope Teams.  This is The Refuge's "missions committee."

Prayer Walking:

As a Church of the City, The Refuge believes in the power of prayer to break the chains of oppression and bondage and liberate the city for the Kingdom of God.  We are committed to organized prayer-walks once a month.

Ignite Sundays: 

Every 6-8 weeks, our Sunday morning gatherings are focused on missions, and teaching the church God's heart for all peoples through His Word. 

Global Hope Teams:

The Refuge Church's main avenue of ministry is The Coffee Oasis, but we also believe our mandate and mission doesn't stop there!  We are committed to our partnership in Ankara, Turkey with the Filipus Ministry and send annual teams there to strengthen and deepen this partnership.  

For more information, or if you would like to get involved with the Ignite Team, Prayer-Walking, or a Global Hope Team, please send an email to ignite@therefugechurch.us